Race Schedule

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 15:15

My race schedule is finally complete! I usually have it set in stone by the end of the prior year but this year was a bit different because I was busy weighing the pros and cons of racing as a pro. I decided to stick to the amateur ranks this year and here is the plan:


March 19th - Spring Thaw 5k

April 10th - Chase the April Fool 5k

April 18th - Boston Marathon

June 5th - Raleigh 70.3

June 12th - Eagleman 70.3

July 16th - Lake Waramaug Sprint Triathlon

July 24th - Ironman Lake Placid

September 11th - Santa Cruz 70.3

October 8th - Kona (pending qualification in Lake Placid)


Some thoughts:

- I'll be racing the Spring Thaw 5k, a local 5k to get back in the swing of racing and to help support a friend of mine who is directing the race.

- I'll be the "Fool" that everyone is chasing at Chase the April Fool 5k! Come out to Liberty State Park and see if you can catch me!

- Most of my schedule was created with "going pro" in mind, potentially next year.

- Raleigh and Eagleman are just 7 days apart, which is an experiment to test my ability to recover and to see what it's like to race back to back weekends like some of the pros do. I will take that week off of work in between and spend the time in either Raleigh or Cambridge doing all that I can to recover and be ready to race Eagleman. Should be interesting!

- The Lake Waramaug Sprint Triathlon is our annual Race for Justin, my brother who died of cancer in 2008. Each year we raise money from family and friends for St Jude's in his name. St Jude's was Justin's favorite charity and he would often pass monetary gifts on to St Jude's so that one day no child will have to go through what he went through. Support the cause please! Blog on that in the coming months :-)

- I love Ironman Lake Placid! It was my first and second Ironman and I want to go back to challenge myself on the course.

- I chose Santa Cruz 70.3 so that I could test my ability to travel for a 70.3 like the pros do all the time. To this point, I've only ever flown to a full Ironman.


See you at the races!


Training Update Mid-February 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 15:15

I'm finally firing on all cylinders! After having a bit of a rough start to 2016 due to little injuries pestering me like mosquitoes, and the lingering of my Achilles problem from last year, I'm now back in the groove. The patience I wrote about a couple of weeks ago is paying off as the injuries have subsided and I feel more resilient and injury-free than I've been since mid last season. Here is an example of what my training looks like nowadays:

Monday AM - Ride shorter, more intense intervals on the CompuTrainer at Tailwind Endurance for 1hr 15min. Do 30min of stability and plyometrics off the bike

Monday PM - OFF, maybe a massage


Tuesday AM - Run around 10 miles with Fartlek intervals in Summit, NJ

Tuesday PM - Swim a coach-prescribed set, around 1hr 15min at John Jay College in NYC


Wednesday AM - Ride longer intervals on the CompuTrainer at Tailwind Endurance for 1hr 30min. Do 15min of core work off the bike

Wednesday PM - See Doctor Todd for treatment


Thursday AM - OFF

Thursday midday - See Josh Grahlman in NYC for treatment and 1hr of strength conditioning

Thursday PM - Run around 10 miles with longer intervals on the West Side Highway path and Central Park in NYC


Friday AM - Run to the pool and Swim at Hoboken Masters for 1hr 15min

Friday PM - Spin an easy 1hr 15min at Tailwind Endurance, then roll, stretch, do yoga, or whatever else I find to be therapeutic and recovery-based


Saturday - "Long" Ride of 2hrs on the trainer, mainly drill, endurance and tempo-based, with a short run (~15min) off the bike


Sunday - "Long" Run of around 14 miles then Swim 2hrs at Berkeley Aquatics


That's 3 main runs, 3 swims, 4 rides, and 3 strength sessions per week totaling around 15 hours of training. My coach and I have found this to be a good balance of training that allows for enough recovery, and for me to always feel like I have "extra bandwidth" in my schedule (very important!). On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I'm up before 5am so my wife and I are like old people because we go to bed at 9:30pm every night! Keep in mind, the above schedule is just one week during the base phase of training. Each week is a bit (or a lot) different depending on the time of the season, whether it's a "down week" or not, or whether I have life events that step in to remind me to be a "normal" person every once in a while. Consistency is king, but there should be some ebbing and flowing in your training too.

My swimming is just coming back into form after a month off due to some arm injuries (rookie mistakes), and my running is also just coming back after many torturous months of Achilles pain after Kona last year. Fortunately, I've been able to devote the extra energy to my cycling and strength work. I did an FTP test a few weeks ago (303w FTP) and am close to where I was the last time I tested back in March of last year (312w FTP). Normally, I dread FTP tests because they're so brutal! But this next one I'm kind of looking forward to because I want to see if I can exceed where I was last year in March, in February.

I just did my first Masters Swim meet ever! I swam the 100IM, 100 backstroke, the 50 backstroke as part of a 200 medley relay, the 200 free and the 50 free as part of the 200 free relay. I had a blast! I swam faster than expected given how little swimming I've done. You can see my Facebook page for more of a recap.

I'm also going to the wind tunnel next month! I'm stoked to see what kind of "free speed" I might find in that expensive hurricane chamber...

Even with all of this training, I still manage to do almost all of it alongside training partners - I love training with people! If anything here piques your interest, message me on Facebook or email me at matthew.j.bach@gmail.com, and maybe we can get together for a training session. Always happy to answer questions too!

Happy Training!


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