Chiropractic Care at All-Pro Health, our Chiropractor (Dr. Todd) uses various manual treatment techniques to treat his patients. Unlike most chiropractors who are quick to manipulate, our chiropractor’s initial course of treatment is to use Graston Technique and Active Release Technique to address the soft tissue dysfunction that is causing pain or limitation.

Dr. Todd then carefully assesses joints and uses Chiropractic manipulation only in cases where there is a true joint restriction and manipulation is a necessary treatment. Chiropractic Manipulation or Adjustment refers to a chiropractor applying a thrust to the vertebrae or extremity where mobility is restricted. Dr. Todd ensures success of the manipulation by preparing the soft tissue around the restriction using Graston and ART.

For long term success of a manipulation, post-manipulation muscle re-education and corrective exercise are key. Once new mobility is gained in the spine or extremity after it has been manipulated, it is imperative that the muscles around it are exercised so that the area learns to stabilize this newly gained mobility and blood can flow through this area to enhance healing. At All-Pro Health, manipulation is never the only form of treatment you will receive. We provide Chiropractic care in conjunction with Physical Therapy to get the best results for our patients.